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POV 2: Episode 1 - Bedtime dominance, spanking & fingering & THANKS-5kSubs!

Thanks for 5k subscribers! We'll release one more special as a celebration!

Girl hogtied on bed - escape challenge

We were having fun, testing to do this posture hogtie. Then it just escalated as always,
and well. It turned into an escape challenge with a lot of mixed in other fun stuff as I (Nana try to wiggle out. I failed of course. But I tried hard!

Keywords; Hogtied, Struggling, a little Spanking, Escape challenge (that fails!), Short POV section,

Hogtied girl struggling in black underwear & kneesocks

A 37minute long video of us doing a hogtie play session with pussy spanking, crotch rope, struggling, tickling and more! Nana wearing black kneesocks & underwear.
This idea was sent to our PornHub profile from a fan.
And we liked it. So we made it! It was really fun ;) //Nana


Girl in swimwear get floor Shibari Bamboo Partial suspension & pussy spanking

a near hour long video of us doing a lot of shibari play! Trimmed down the start a bit(tying process is shortened), but the action starts 08:50 or 10:40 in, depending how you define it.

There's a lot of spanking, teasing, pussy spanking(i'd say this is the main theme except shibari) and more!


- November Preview Videos

Preview: Girl in intense breath control & suspension scene


The for sale clip is on it's way up! It's pending being approved. Keep an eye on our store directly or check back!

Update: It's still under review... we had to cut out a small part that had a plastic bag near a head... Haha.
So, we did that and we still didn't get it approved. They sent the same damn thing so currently waiting for response.


A Two Part video

Tying & Untying streamable for free (coming soon)

Watch the Preview!

click above to watch the preview. Part 1 ends with the beginning of part 2, and part 2 begins where part 1 ends exactly. (plus some secs fade-over overlap)
The for sale videos were released october, preview released 1st of November.

This is part 1 out of 2 of a really extreme predicament session! It starts directly with action.

Part 2: Girl tickled in hogtied strappado, rewarded with magic wand & suspended with crotch rope predicament

This is part 2 out of 2 of a really extreme predicament session! It starts directly with action in the middle of the movie where we change it up to a hogtied play.

("chronological order: Preview, pause when you hit the teasers, then part 1 & part 2, then resume the preview after the teasers)



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